Medibüro – Kiel


Medibüro – who we are and what we do

Medibüro Kiel anonymously arranges medical treatment undocumented persons free of charge. In order to do so we cooperate with doctors, psychologists, midwives and translators.

During our times of service, our volunteers connect patients to the required personnel in order to arrange treatment.There are always two volunteers in our office, one man and one woman, one of which is a person with a medical background.

Fees for medicine, orthopaedic aids, glasses, laboratory tests, (diagnostic) imaging techniques etc are financed through donations. In case of pregnancy or severe and chronic diseases which require hospitilization, we will try to arrange a solution with the midwives and doctors involved.

We do not collect any or data on those treated and all persons involved are obliged to confidentiality.

We can establish contact with consultation offices which are able to help with legal and social matters.

The Medibüro is self-organized and non-governmental. All people involved work voluntarily and are unpaid.

 Opening times: Every Tuesday 15:30 – 17:30

On the situation of undocumented persons in Germany

According to estimates of different charities, between 500,000 and 1,000,000 people without official status live in the Federal Republic of Germany. Many of them live in our state of Schleswig-Holstein. Undocumented persons are a part of our society and live in constant fear of being discovered.

Their migratory history, especially their reasons for leading a life in illegality, differ severely. Authoritarian social systems, economic exploitation, social inequality, war and effects of global climate change force people to leave their homes and home countries.

Due to restrictive German and European immigration laws, it is becoming increasingly difficult for immigrants to secure legal status and residence in Germany and in the “Fortress Europe” in general. On the other hand, undocumented personshave become an important economic asset and are being abused as cheap labour in many areas such as in restaurants, the construction industry and as carers. Women can also be forced into illegality through trafficking and forced prostitution.

Undocumented persons have one thing in common: Current laws and regulations exclude them from access to education, work and health care.

Exclusion from health care

Illegalized persons cannot gain access to health insurance. Like asylum-seekers, they have the right to health care in situations of pain or acute illness (according to the German law on benefits for asylum-seekers). in situations of pain or acute illness .

If costs of treatment for patients with undocumented status are claimed from social welfare offices, these offices are no longer (since Sept 2009) allowed to forward any information to the public authority responsible for immigrants (“Ausländerbehörde”). Nonetheless, it is currently still not regulated whether and how treatment costs are being reimbursed. Huge fears exist amongst undocumented persons that calling on any kind of treatment might expose their legal status and that they might be deported.

Our goals

The Medibüro aims to improve the situation of illegalized refugees and migrants both practically and in political ways and to alleviate any distress caused. As the factual exclusion of undocumented persons from regular health care is mainly due to political reasons, we are looking for political solutions to the problem. Health care has to be accessible, independent of residencelegal status.

Our long-term goal is the abolishment of any “special” laws for migrants and refugees. We are against any form of societal exclusion and demand equal rights as well as freedom of movement for all.